Physiotherapy treatments include manual therapy, joint mobilization, electrotherapy, taping and bracing, education and exercise rehabilitation including Rehab Pilates. Our focus is on resolving pain and limitation, and restoring optimal function and mobility.

Rehab Pilates

Rehab Pilates is a modified form of Pilates method that integrates the principles of rehabilitation, core stabilization, and movement retraining with the Pilates principles of control, balance, focus, and breath. At Skye Health, you are under the supervision of a Rehab Pilates certified Physio or Instructor with training and extensive knowledge of spinal and peripheral stabilization.

Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapists use manual hands-on techniques to improve soft tissue extensibility, decrease pain, and improve overall health. Massage techniques may include Swedish, deep-tissue, remedial, and sports massage. A health history is included in the Initial Massage therapy appointment.

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